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Whether you can't get to a gym or just want some extra workouts this plan is ideal for you!


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The Complete program is the full package!  This program offers training in all aspects of strength, conditioning, and gymnastics at a volume and intensity to take you to your peak levels of fitness!


Frequently asked questions

What do I get access to with the Complete Program?

On our Complete Program you get... Warm Ups, Class Workout, Strength, Olympic Weightlifting, Aerobic Capacity, Gymnastic and more..... The Complete Program also includes our Bodyweight and Minimal Plan for FREE

What does this program look like?

The Complete program is the full package! This program offers training in all aspects of strength, conditioning, and gymnastics at a volume and intensity to take you to your peak levels of fitness. This program ensures you are training to your full potential. Complete is very challenging and will push you to your limits, but will take those who trust the process further than they thought they could ever go. Each day’s workouts include warm ups and workout notes that clearly explain the intended stimulus, target scores, time caps, movement explanation, scaling options and more.

Who is this program for?

The Complete program is very well suited for those with time looking to push their fitness to new heights, improve their placement in online qualifiers, or just love suffering a lot on a daily basis. Whether, you train with us at the gym or the other side of the world. You can follow our class program with many great additional extras. Short on time? No worries, our bodyweight + Minimal program gives you a workout in 30 minutes from your home.

How long will it take each day?

The full Compete program will usually take around 2-3 hours to complete each day and can to be broken up into 2 sessions. For example we have the class workout that provides 45 minutes - 60 minutes of training. Followed by session 2 which can provide you with 1-2 hours of additional training. The multiple sections mean you can also target your weaknesses by focusing purely on just certain parts of the program such as Strength or Aerobic Capacity. Our Bodyweight and Minimal will take between 30-45 minutes as it also provides you with some accessory work such as strength and core exercises.

What do I gain access to with this program?

Grab our Bodyweight + Minimal Program and you will receive a workout 6 days a week. This gives you a 30 minute bodyweight or minimal equipment session with a warm up plus extra home accessory work. Want the full package? Then the Complete program not only gives you the Bodyweight+Minimal plan for free but sessions 7 days a week with access to our daily class with additional Weightlifting, Strength, Gymnastic and Aerobic Capacity.

How many days in advance can i see the program?

7 Days. Each Sunday the full weeks training is released so you can see whats install and plan your week ahead.

How do I get started?

Email us at and we can get you signed up - simple!

Can I see an example day?

Yes, keep scrolling to see a full days training.

Example Day

Warm Up

1. Move

12 Minute AMRAP

12/9 calorie ski (OR Row)

36 Single Unders

8 Alternating Plank toe touches (each side)

8 Deadbugs (each side)

8 kip to swing


2. Workout Prep

1 Set: (At workout pace)

20 Double Unders

5 Toes To Bar

20 Double Unders 

2 Bar Muscle Ups 

Class WOD 

3 Rounds For Time 

100 Double Unders

30 Toes To Bar

-Rest 1:1-

3 Rounds For Time 

50 Double Unders

10 Bar Muscle Ups  


Athletes Notes



Target Time each set: 7-9 minutes

Time Cap each set: 11 minutes



This is about gymnastic capacity and ability to stay smooth and consistent on double unders!

We want bigger sets of all movements and consistent pacing from round to round



Go for bigger sets on the DU relative to your ability. We’d love 1-2 sets for most rounds!

Focus on consistent breathing and as much wrist motion as possible.


Toes to bar: The grip fatigue will begin to set in here. This workout is somewhat faster but don’t overexert on round one and have to drop your sets drastically on rounds 2-3. Come out with a relatively big set and then settle into what you can manage throughout.


Bar Muscle Ups: We ideally want no more than 3 sets even with fatigued grip and shoulders at this point. Focus on the powerful kip and turn over at the top with a regrip at the bottom of each rep.



The SCALING aim is to challenge your skill level but not fall off the stimulus and have excessive time starting at the rope or the rig.

Aerobic Capacity A

1000m Machine

100 Sit Ups

1000m Machine

100 Sit Ups

Rest 2 mins Then

1000m Machine For Time

Aerobic Capacity B

2 x 800m run

1 min rest between sets

2 x 600m run

1 min rest between sets

2 x 400m run 1 min rest between sets

All at a moderate 60-80% pace


Strength / Oly

A) Squat Snatch

3 Full sets

5 Squat Snatches @60%

4 Squat Snatches @70%

3 Squat Snatches @80%

Rest 2-3 mins, reduce the load and repeat

All reps to be good quality singles


B) Back Squat

7 x 3 (Build up to a heavy triple for across the 7 sets)

C) Weighted Dips

Build up to a 8 rep max

Then 3 x 8 @75% of 8RM

Rest 2-3 mins between sets

Skill WOD


C2B Pull ups / Pull Up / Ring Row

rest 30 sec between sets

The Complete Program also provides you the Bodyweight + Minimal Program free of charge.

Here is an example of a Bodyweight + Minimal Day 

Warm Up

3 Rounds

9 Shoulder Circles

6 Air Squats

3 Inch Worms

Bodyweight Option


For Time


Push Ups

Back Step Lunges

Air Squats

Rest 3 mins on completion then

For Time


Push Ups

Back Step Lunges

Air Squats

Minimal Equipment Option.


For Time


Push Ups

Back Step Weighted Lunges

DB or KB Single Arm Thrusters


Rest 3 mins on completion then

For Time


Push Ups

Back Step Weighted Lunges

DB or KB Single Arm Thrusters


Accessory Ab Burner

2 Rounds

40 Sec Hollow Hold

20 V UPS

20 Sit UPS

Rest 1 minute